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Pipers Hill Farms, LLC
Pipers Hill Farms, LLC
Pipers Hill Farms, LLC
Pipers Hill Farms, LLC

Pipers Hill Farms, LLC





New Jersey


Hops, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers


Online store; Farmer’s Market







Pipers Hill Farms, LLC is a family owned and operated hop and  vegetable farm located in Washington Township, NJ.   This is the story  of my crazy journey from corporate life to farm life.  After a 25 year career in the corporate world, I decided to take the plunge to follow my passions and a dream of a young boy.  It  all began in 2016 with the purchase of 27 acres of dormant, yet fertile  farmland in the beautiful Mustcenetcong River valley of Warren  County.

I am the son of a farm kid from Western, Pennsylvania.  My  mother grew up on a 1,000 acre family farm that my grandfather built  from the ground up. He raised beef cattle and converted his local  country store into a butcher shop and deli. I spent several weeks every  summer following in his shadow. We traversed the countryside purchasing  cattle, hogs, and poultry at various local auction houses.  In our  downtime we fished and hunted.  I spent my early teenage years immersed  in agriculture and admiring the personal interactions that my  grandfather had with his customers and neighbors.  During college, I  developed an interest in brewing and spent my days working in Brew  Houses in Western New York refining my taste for IPA’s and the bouquet  that hops distinctly deliver.  Pipers Hill Farms is the intersection of  my two passions, as we cultivate local hops along with other produce to  bring the freshest, most flavorful harvest to the community.

My wife, Michelle, and I have raised two amazing kids.  Our son,  Shawn, fell in love with agriculture after visiting my grandparent’s  farm and has always dreamed of becoming a farmer. As a kid, Shawn spent  every free moment outside in the dirt, playing with his beloved John  Deere tractors. As he entered high school, he knew farming was his  destiny and that's we began discussing the idea of purchasing land and  starting a farm. Shawn will be attending Delaware Valley University in  Fall 2021 with a major in crop science where he will hone his skills in  vegetable production. Our daughter, Emily, has always had a creative  side, spending time in art classes, dancing, and writing.  She hopes to  pursue journalism and is actively involved in the marketing and selling  side of the farm business. The entire family can be found helping out at  the farmer’s market, packing orders, or doing whatever else is needed  to keep the farm vibrant and growing.

Our farm’s produce made its debut at the local Washington  Borough Farmer’s Market in the Fall of 2020.  Despite restrictions from  COVID-19 we had a very successful maiden voyage in offering our locally  grown, fresh produce to our neighbors and friends.  We look forward to  seeing you at the farm or at the Washington Borough Farmer’s Market  throughout this summer and fall.

Pipers Hill Farms, LLC
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