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Oak Grove Plantation
Oak Grove Plantation
Oak Grove Plantation
Oak Grove Plantation

Oak Grove Plantation





New Jersey


Meat (Pork), Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs



We retail all our products into New York City at the Union Square Greenmarket on: Wednesdays - April through November Fridays - April through December Saturdays - Year round *weather permitting, throughout the year.



By Appointment ONLY. Please call (908)-782-9618 ahead of time for product availability.





We will be starting a CSA Program for the 2018 Growing Season. It will be designed to offer our valued customers with fresh, local, "Revolutionary" grown produce at an affordable cost. All support share holders will enjoy a weekly supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, and Cole crops when in season. There is no field work required when becoming a Member. Share Boxes are prepacked and ready to grab when you come to pick up your Share. We are anticipating a late June start and to run for 18 weeks until the end of October. We will also provide special offers and discounts to share holders throughout the CSA season. We will be offering our CSA program to anyone or family who is willing to pick-up their weekly shares at our farm (Oak Grove Plantation) in Pittstown, NJ. Our CSA program gives the share holder only fresh produce grown at our farm with "Revolutionary" methods. What is "Revolutionary" methods? It's our way of saying that all of our produce that we grow on the farm is grown naturally. We are not "Certified Organic", therefore we can not say the "O" word. We are simply Revolutionary!

The Blew Family - We have a 160-acre “Revolutionary” GREEN Farm in Pittstown, New Jersey. Our farm has a solar panel system that supplies all of our electrical needs. 2018 will be our 41st year at Oak Grove.


Our family (Susan, Charity, Eric, and Jonathan) produces the grains which are milled by us into flour and meal. We also grow a wide variety of heirloom vegetables. In our orchard we produce peaches, Asian pears, and apples. Our hogs are raised on the farm from birth from our own sows. The herd is Certified Disease Free by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. There are absolutely no hormones, antibiotics, or growth steroids used in the hog or beef operation; all natural pork and beef products WITHOUT any preservatives, nitrites, or MSG. Our flour, meal, pork, and beef products are available year-round. Our vegetables are available late June through November. Winter squash and pumpkins are available October through December.


We also have an On-Farm Commercial Kitchen where we bake all of our Homemade baked goods right on the farm. We bake pies, cookies, brownies, breads, muffins, and more. We have over 100± varieties of potted herbs that are available year-round.


We retail all our products into New York City at the Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesdays - April - November, Fridays - April - December, & Saturdays - Year round - weather permitting, throughout the year.

Oak Grove Plantation
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