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A Sustainable Approach to Agriculture

The River Friendly Farm Certification addresses a wide range of environmental concerns.  The practices implemented by producers ensure food is produced in a manner that promotes a healthy ecosystem and doesn't degrade the long-term productivity of the land. ​


Gentle Stream

Cleaner Water

River Friendly Farms implement practices that limit pollution from excess nutrients, bacteria, and pesticides. 


Their actions protect drinking water for people living downsteam. 

Garden Soil

Healthier Soil

In a world where 40% of farmland is suffering from significant degradation, River Friendly Farms build soil organic matter and protect topsoil from erosion.


These actions ensure soil stays healthy and productive for years to come. 

Butterfly on a Flower

Wildlife Habitat

River Friendly Farms encourage natural pest suppression and pollinators. 


They also create diverse stream-side habitats and ensure a healthy ecosystem for native fish, birds, and insects. 

Pink Clouds

Climate Resilience 

Agriculture, land use, and forestry contributed 24% of the U.S. greenhouse gases in 2020.


River Friendly Farm practices can reverse carbon emissions by storing billions of tons of carbon in soils through a natural process called soil carbon sequestration. 

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